The Internal Audit Training of Trainers (IA ToT) program aims to develop the capacity of the public sector internal auditors to deliver high-quality internal audit training within their countries and institutions, based on the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (ISPPIA) and international good practices in public sector internal auditing. It includes the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

The target participant group are auditors in the public sector who already have skills in internal auditing and also professionals extensively involved in training delivery in their respective countries and institutions. The approach and format of the IA ToT program is designed to be highly interactive.

Project features

The activities of the program are designed at 3 levels:

  • #1: Regional capacity building:
    Community of Practice (CoP) approach with participants engaging in training through workshops and online modules. The workshops aim to developing the capacity of public sector internal audit trainers to deliver high-quality training courses based on ISPPIA and international good practices in public sector internal auditing.
  • #2: Regional knowledge transfer:
    Developing within the CoP practical tools, teaching resources, group challenges and simulations, training materials and case studies that help bridge the gap between theory and the practical application of ISPPIA while also focusing to develop the soft skills of participating trainers.
  • #3: Regional exchange platform:
    Facilitation of shared learning and peer exchange among countries in the region and members of the CoP whereby they share experience and document good practice for wider outreach. Materials and resources developed regionally are replicated locally.

The IA TOT Program is implemented in close cooperation with the PEMPAL IACOP and draws on the expertise and knowledge developed by this program.

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