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Characteristics of Public Sector Entities and the Reporting Entity for Sustainability Reporting

Report | 2024

The main objective of this technical note is to identify, explore, and propose the characteristics for disclosure of sustainability-related information of public sector entities and the reporting entity. In doing so, the technical note contrasts the key concepts of the public sector highlighted in the IPSAS Conceptual Framework, since they will serve as a primary reference source in drafting the public sector-specific sustainability reporting standards, and the key concepts developed in relation to ESG topics, the UN SDGs, and private sector developments in sustainability reporting.

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Public Sector Accounting Assessment (PULSE) Framework Handbook

Publication | 2024

The Public Sector Accounting Assessment (PULSE) aims to support national and subnational governments in developing efficient and effective PSA systems. It provides one single tool to measure and report on both: the conceptual and actual implementation of accrual accounting standards for the public sector according to the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).

In turn, the objective of the PULSE handbook is to describe PULSE structure, process, scoring methodology, and its quality assurance mechanism, among other relevant aspects of the PULSE framework.

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Consolidation of Financial Statements at Different Levels of Government

Knowledge product | 2023

The main objective of this Technical Note is to identify, explore, and propose an integrated process to facilitate the consolidation of financial statements in the public sector and the compilation of Government Finance Statistics (GFS), considering jurisdictions’ experiences and international good practices from Brazil, Georgia, Spain, and Switzerland. In doing so, the Technical Note highlights some challenges that jurisdictions have faced in the reconciliation process and the means of address.

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Georgia Accounting and Auditing Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes

A&A ROSC | 2023

Georgia’s progress in the corporate financial reporting reforms assessed acknowledged in the 2022 Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes in Accounting and Auditing (ROSC A&A). The ROSC A&A report provides new recommendations on further enhancement of the institutional framework for corporate financial reporting in Georgia.

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Public Sector Accounting Assessment (PULSE) Tool User Manual

Publication | 2023

The main objective of this user manual is to facilitate the management of a PULSE web-based tool, and provides overview of the main functions and features of the tool.

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PULSAR Newsletters

Article | 2023

The PULSAR newsletter regularly reports on the program’s latest activities and on developments in public sector accounting and financial management, both internationally and in beneficiary countries.

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STAREP Progress Reports

Report | 2023

The CFRR produces regular reports for its main programs to inform donors, participants and other stakeholders of how the programs are developing. These progress reports summarize the activities carried out under the program and outline how the experience gained will be used to improve the design of the next stages of the program.

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A Guide to Data Storytelling in the Public Sector

Publication | 2022

The Data Storytelling Guide is designed to support finance professionals working in the public domain to translate facts, numbers, and their expert knowledge into stories, that are comprehensible and relatable. It follows a skills-based approach, whereby data storytelling is viewed as a key skillset to acquire what CIPFA identifies as one of the core competencies for public sector finance professionals: communication and impact.

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Benefits of Accrual Accounting in the Public Sector

Report | 2022

This paper focuses on the application of accrual accounting in public sector entities. The objective of the study is to illustrate benefits – but also costs – related to the implementation of this accounting system.

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Book on Public Sector Accounting Reforms Implementation Status in PULSAR Countries

Publication | 2022

The book aims to share the status of implementation of Public Sector Accounting Reforms in PULSAR’s beneficiary countries in a harmonized manner and discuss the relevance of the continuation of PSA reforms across PULSAR countries given their positive impacts in general on transparency and accountability of the countries.

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