The Centre provides knowledge services and capacity development assistance. Services include analytical and advisory services, learning and skill development, know-how and knowledge transfer, and technical assistance and institutional strengthening. This page lists activities of the Centre, including past events, recent publications, blogs and stories, which you can filter by specific programs and other facets.

Workshop | - | Yerevan, Armenia | STAREP

IFRS 17 Implementation for Armenian Regulators and Insurance Industry

Workshop | - | Online | STAREP, REPARIS for SMEs

IFRS Update for Regulators

Report | | PULSAR

PULSAR Progress Reports

Publication | | PULSAR

A Good Practice Outline of the Multipurpose Chart of Accounts

Workshop | - | Western Balkans | EU-REPARIS

Western Balkans Private Equity Investment Readiness Training Events

Workshop | - | Tbilisi, Georgia | STAREP

Building a strong and sustainable accounting profession in Georgia

Brochure | | PULSAR

PULSAR Brochure

Workshop | - | Moscow, Russia | STAREP

Future-proofing accounting education in Russia: CFRR promotes revision of accounting education programs

Workshop | | Vienna, Austria | STAREP, EU-REPARIS

EU-REPARIS and STAREP Senior Officials’ Workshop 2016