Handbook of International Education Pronouncements 2019: Russian Translation

The 2019 Education Handbook contains the IAESB’s suite of International Education Standards (IES) 1-8. The handbook's organization focuses on supporting the IESs, which present the underlying principles, concepts, and definitions that enhance accountancy education. More specifically, this handbook includes the Framework for International Education Standards for current and aspiring professional accountants, the IAESB Glossary of Terms, and IESs 1–6 that address entry to professional accounting education programs and initial professional development of an aspiring professional accountant, as well as IES 7, Continuing Professional Development, and IES 8, Professional Competence for Engagement Partners for Audits of Financial Statements, that cover continuing professional development for professional accountants and engagement partners.

This handbook replaces the 2017 edition of the Handbook of International Education Pronouncements.

The Russian translation was prepared by the CFRR under the STAREP and KAREP programs.

Handbook of International Education Pronouncements 2019
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