The Centre provides knowledge services and capacity development assistance. Services include analytical and advisory services, learning and skill development, know-how and knowledge transfer, and technical assistance and institutional strengthening. This page lists the upcoming events organized by the Centre for its various programs and provides you with contact or registration information that you can use to join the activity.

Focus Areas

PULSAR Smart Interactive Talk "Accounting Education in the Public Sector: International Experiences and PAO Engagement"

PULSAR Education Community of Practice has been continuously supporting strengthening of the accountants & finance professionals in its beneficiary countries. Within the previous Smart Interactive Talk, conducted on May 19th, PULSAR EduCoP and FinCoP members as well as invited participants had a chance to learn from the Program partners on the activities being implemented at a local and regional levels aiming to encourage PAO engagement in PFM reform and accounting education. Also, PSA education models implemented in South Africa, Philippines and Vietnam were presented and discussed with participants.

Building on the success of the previous event, this Smart Interactive Talk will continue the discussion of the different PSA education models implemented in selected countries and will review PAOs perspectives to supporting the accounting education in the public sector.

The key objectives of the upcoming SIT are: (i) to continue learning from PAOs on current programs and activities related to supporting of the accounting education in the public sector; (ii) review of PSA education models implemented in different countries and regions and compare them to relevant models in the CoP member countries; (iii) exchange views on presented materials among the event participants.

Event Details