The legal profession is evolving in an era characterized by increasingly complex financial transactions, regulatory requirements, and the intersection of law and finance. Lawyers, including judges and prosecutors, are increasingly required to navigate issues involving accounting, financial reporting, and taxation. In response to this changing landscape, it is imperative for legal professionals to have a solid understanding of accounting and financial reporting principles. To achieve this, a tailored training program designed to enhance the accounting and financial reporting skills of legal professionals is essential.

Strengthening Quality of Auditing and Reporting Project for Republic of Albania (SQARP) provides support to the Albanian courts (district, appeal, supreme/high), the General Prosecutor's Office, and officers of the Judicial Police on accounting techniques, legislation in the field of accounting and auditing and applicable financial reporting standards. This is part of an ongoing technical assistance program aimed at supporting the School of Magistrate in building the capacity of the judicial system in financial reporting.
Following a training of training involving 12 trainers, a comprehensive training is being delivered between April and June 2024 for about 100 judges and prosecutors in Tirana and in regions (that are, Vlore for the Southern judicial districts, Shkodra for the Northern judicial districts, and Pogradec for the Eastern judicial districts). The training program will be integrated into the School of Magistrates’ program. Trained trainers continue to be available upon the School of Magistrate for the Continuing Professional Development activities on similar topics.

This initiative is designed to ensure that judges and prosecutors in Albania have access to training on corporate financial reporting principles and techniques, and are equipped with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to understand and interpret financial statements and audit procedures when they relate to a court case.

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Key stakeholders from the justice sector in Albania are learning how to manage cases related to corporate financial reporting