Last November the joint EU World Bank Georgia Financial Inclusion and Accountability Project, in collaboration with SARAS and the Georgian professional accountancy organizations (PAOs), launched a webinar series ‘SMP Capacity Building Training Webinar Series’, a set of online training modules to help build the capacity of SMPs in Georgia. As the content is relevant and useful to SMPs operating across the region the World Bank has decided to also invite PAOs and SMPs from STAREP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine).

The series started with Module 1 - Future of SMPs: Lessons from the Crisis and Practice Transformation. This second module builds on the first. Module leader Paul Thompson, Director, EFAA for SMEs and World Bank Consultant and guest speaker Martin de Bie, Advisor, New Technology & Cross Industry Innovation and Chair, EFAA Digital Working Group, will explain why SMPs must embrace digital transformation and how SMPs can acquire the mindset, skillset, and toolset necessary for this transformation. The module will also share some tools to help SMPs digitally transform and hear from some SMPs on how they made the transformation.   

The event will be in English with simultaneous automated translation into Russian and Georgian.

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