The Diagnostics undertaken as part of the Support to the Reform of State-Owned Enterprises project offered support to the Government of Moldova to implement diagnostics to identify key state-owned enterprise (SOE) sector reforms issues, problems, challenges and opportunities in Moldova. The analysis focused on the issues identified by the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance as important to ensure that SOEs operate efficiently, transparently and in accountable manner.

Project features

The Diagnostics took into account and built on findings of the OECD SIGMA report on SOEs Governance in Moldova and filled a gap in data needed to inform evidence-based decision making; focused on issues likely to attract the interest and attention of high level policy makers; generated specific reform recommendations that can realistically be implemented over the duration of the project; and provoked interest in SOE reform.

The activity offered the Government a robust diagnostic of SOEs and potential areas for reforms. The activity also offered hands-on training for the Ministry of Finance staff who are members of SOE boards. The activity informed a Bank's Development Policy Operation (DPO) (and provided development policies in SOEs transparency and accountability).

The diagnostic report was delivered in March 2017 and disseminated in October 2017.