The second round of training for civil servants from the Ministry of Finance of Moldova was organized between April 2 and 6, 2018. Over 50 board members representing the Ministry of Finance on SOE boards and representatives of the recently reorganized Public Property Agency participated in a three-day workshop, covering the most important aspects of corporate governance in state-owned enterprises.

The workshop was delivered for two groups, covering topics like: (i) the status and characteristics of SOEs in Moldova and issues they are facing in light with good international benchmarks and practices; (ii) fundamentals of corporate governance and SOEs perspective; (iii) shareholders and the board of directors; (iv) board policies and procedures to promote good governance and oversee financial and non-financial reporting; and (v) role of the board in strategy and risk.

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Corporate Governance Training Program for Board Members of State Owned Enterprises in Moldova

There was considerable interest in further regular training sessions and in particular linked to the legal requirements applicable to SOE in the Republic of Moldova.