The Centre provides knowledge services and capacity development assistance. Services include analytical and advisory services, learning and skill development, know-how and knowledge transfer, and technical assistance and institutional strengthening. This page lists activities of the Centre, including past events, recent publications, blogs and stories, which you can filter by specific programs and other facets.

Brochure | | PULSAR, EAASURE

Equipping Professional Accountants for Sustainability

Workshop | - | Vienna, Austria | REPARIS for SMEs, EAASURE

Launch of a New Regional Program - Enhancing Accounting, Auditing, and Sustainability Reporting (EAASURE)

Workshop | - | Vienna, Austria | REPARIS for SMEs, EAASURE

Responding to New Requirements and Challenges in Corporate Financial and Sustainability Reporting

Story | | Ulcinj, Montenegro | REPARIS for SMEs

Enhancing Governance in Montenegro's SOEs: The Critical Role of Audit Committees

Workshop | - | Skopje, North Macedonia | REPARIS for SMEs

Second Regional Audit Quality Assurance Forum “Practical examples of public oversight and quality control of audit”

Workshop | - | Warsaw, Poland | REPARIS for SMEs

Good Practices in Audit Oversight and Enforcement: Insights from the Polish Agency for Audit Oversight