The event convened stakeholders of accountancy education from STAREP and PULSAR beneficiary countries from European Union (EU) Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan countries.

The workshop content and delivery were targeted on the needs of participants of the PULSAR and STAREP communities of practice for accountancy education. Key focus was on the implementation of recent developments in the International Education Standards (IESs) for accountants. The discussion of related topics and the latest challenges and opportunities for accountancy educators worldwide was conducted within the event.

The purposes of the event were to:

  • update participants on the latest developments in the IESs for accountants; 
  • inform participants on the challenges and opportunities of implementation of the changes; 
  • explain other recent related developments, including the evolution of the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) to transition to the International Panel on Accountancy Education (IPAE);
  • highlight current challenges and opportunities in accountancy education, including education of sustainability standards, integrating the educational needs of public and private sector accountants, and improving understanding of the role of accountants in relation to anti money laundering (AML);
  • allow participants to discuss these matters with leading experts in the field and to share experiences of implementing the recent amendments to the standards.
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Implementation of recent developments in international education standards