This webinar’s aim was to:

  • discuss the latest developments in structure, syllabi and assessment of professional financial qualifications using ACCA as an example;
  • provide insight into tuition and preparation of students for professional qualification exams;
  • discuss examiner’s approach to exam content, assessment and marking processes;
  • illustrate the above with examples from actual ACCA examinations using Financial Reporting topics as examples.

Also at the Webinar, CFRR’s Sr Financial Management Specialist, Alfred Borgonovo presented several new publications and resources to support accounting education reforms developed under the STAREP Program. Most of these are available in both English and Russian.

Each session was followed by Q&A.  Also to make the event lively and interactive some simplified polls were offered which kept the audience engaged. The 3 hour session was attended by 88 participants not only from STAREP countries, but also from the Kyrgyz Republic and Serbia given a strong interest and availability of free links on one-line platform.

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