Pathways to Accrual is a tool, developed by the IPSAS Board, which intends to assist public sector entities, including national, regional, and local governments, and related governmental entities and international governmental organizations wishing to report on the accrual basis of accounting. It is primarily intended to assist public sector entities transitioning from cash to the accrual basis of accounting, and it may also be useful for entities currently reporting on an accrual basis and considering the adoption of IPSAS.

The tool includes:

  • An overview of the wider context in which the transition to the accrual basis of accounting may occur.
  • A discussion of various transition pathways that entities choosing an incremental implementation process may adopt.
  • Identification of the main tasks associated with recognition of assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses, including issues and challenges associated with the identification of, as well as measurement of, those elements in financial statements.
  • Some implications of adopting accrual basis IPSAS.
  • Practical suggestions based on the experience of other entities and jurisdictions.
  • Links to other useful guidance and resources.

The main objectives of the webinar were: (i) present the structure and key findings of the tool; (ii) discuss insights and lessons learned from implementation of Public Sector Accounting (PSA) reforms; (iii) discuss IFAC’s activities in support of the adoption and implementation of IPSAS; (iv) share country experiences in terms of transitioning from cash to accrual accounting and IPSAS implementation. The event was simultaneously translated into Albanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

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PULSAR Smart Interactive Talk “Pathways to Accrual: Insights and Lessons Learned"