On April 15, within the frames of the European Union-World Bank joint Financial Inclusion and Accountability Project, the World Bank held an online meeting on ‘Future of SMPs: Business Diversification Through Offering New Services’.

During the Webinar, Participants learned what possible services to offer, including business advisory, and the step-by-step approach to building the capacity to promote, deliver and profit from these new service offerings.  

Paul Thompson, Director, European Federation of Accountants and Auditors for SMEs (EFAA). He was joined by Aleksandra Zaronina- Kirillova, Head of SME Professional Insights, ACCA and Anastasia Chalkidou, Chair of the Greek Advisory Committee at ACCA, Accounting Director co-founder at Quantum BITS.

As the content is relevant and useful to SMPs operating across the region, representatives of SMPs from STAREP countries apart from Georgina, that is Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine also attended the event, adding up to a total of 136 event participants.