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This event launched a series of virtual events on PULSAR EduCoP in the light of COVID19 challenges limiting feasibility of face-to-face events. This particular webinar was conducted in collaboration with the ACCA and IFAC, targeting PULSAR EduCoP team members and was attended by 80 on-line participants from about 20 countries.

The webinar primarily focused on the Report “Is cash still the king”, presented by Alexander Metcalfe, Head of Public Sector Policy, ACCA and some of the perspectives from IFAC in light of COVID-19 were shared by Ms. Alta Prinsloo, the IFAC Executive Director. The report offers lessons learned from jurisdictions that have implemented accruals, with the intention that this global transition to accruals creates real value and is more than a ‘compliance exercise’. The presentation was followed by Q&A: Focus on educators’ perspectives on preparedness to transition to accrual.