Effective systems of accounting education are required for professional accountants and auditors but a grounding in the principles of accounting also helps to raise the general quality of management in business, government and other organizations. The Accounting Education Community of Practice (EduCoP) comprises representatives from universities, professional accounting bodies, standard-setting boards, audit licensing boards/chambers and other regulatory authorities from the REPARIS countries that have responsibility for or an interest in accounting education. The overall aim of this Community is to work together to support quality accounting education programs at universities, and also to promote the implementation of the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) standards and guidance for the pre- and post-qualification training of professional accountants and auditors. These aims will support implementation of the EU acquis communautaire in accounting and auditing in the REPARIS countries and will contribute to improvements in the quality of financial reporting and auditing across the region.

Accounting education in the REPARIS countries faces several challenges. Teaching and support materials need to be kept up to date with the latest accounting and auditing standards and changes to accounting curricula are required, both in university accounting courses and in professional training in order to meet IAESB standards. The REPARIS countries have requested assistance in improving their accounting education systems, and recognize the benefits of learning from each other in order to develop common solutions to their shared problems.

The Education Community of Practice (EduCoP) is facilitated by the CFRR, as part of the REPARIS initiative, with expert assistance provided by a panel of consultants and speakers from national, EU and international institutions. The members of the Community exchange information and experiences, tools, views and knowledge through workshops, and personal communication.