At regular Ministerial Conferences and Senior Officials' Workshops the Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR) holds comprehensive discussions on the progress of the REPARIS program with beneficiary countries. These meetings give participants the opportunity to influence the future design of the program and to give feedback on the success of the program's recent activities.

In addition, these events help to increase national policy-makers' awareness of the importance of specific reform areas and, in particular, to bring them up to date with the latest developments at European Union (EU) and international levels. To achieve these objectives, the CFRR organizes high-level ministerial conferences and meetings for beneficiary countries' Ministers of Finance and other senior officials.

These conferences and workshops also help to improve dialogue and regional cooperation between the countries participating in the program: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, and Serbia. These countries are at different levels of development and many of them have already taken a number of steps to improve their systems of financial reporting. The conferences and workshops provide an opportunity for policy-makers to share experiences and to learn from models adopted in other countries of the region.