Building on the success of the previous event on May 19, this SIT continued the discussion by exploring additional international models for Public Sector Accounting education and reviewing the local and regional approaches to promoting accounting education in the Public Sector from PAOs prospective. During the session, members had the opportunity to learn from one country outside of the region (Zambia) as well as two PULSAR countries (Albania and Georgia) and compare these experiences to other relevant models in the CoP member countries.

The key objectives of the SIT were: (i) to continue learning from PAOs on current programs and activities related to supporting of the accounting education in the public sector; (ii) review of PSA education models implemented in different countries and regions and compare them to relevant models in the CoP member countries; (iii) exchange views on presented materials among the event participants.

Presenters were located in Vienna, Austria; Washington DC, USA; New York, USA; Sarajevo, BIH; Lusaka, Zambia; Tbilisi, Georgia; Tirana, Albania. Participants were located across 13 countries.

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PULSAR Smart Interactive Talk "Accounting Education in the Public Sector: Intenational Experiences and PAO Engagement" (Part 2)