The Workshop hosted virtually about 180 participants from 32 countries.

Execution of core government functions and public sector service delivery crucially relies on the availability of effectively managed public sector assets. A well-informed and evidence-based management of financial and non-financial assets is crucial for governments and citizens. In this regard, Public Sector Accounting (PSA) reforms create fruitful conditions for an efficient use of public sector resources and therefore are an important prerequisite for sound public sector fixed asset management.

The main objective of this Smart Interactive Talk (SIT) was to present the key findings of the recently published PULSAR knowledge product with the same title as this event. Specifically, the event aimed to discuss the mechanisms through which asset accounting may contribute to optimize fixed asset portfolios of governments by providing scientifically sound and practical answers to the following questions:

  • How are fixed assets recorded in an asset registry?
  • How is fixed asset information captured in financial reports?
  • How can the best use of asset information be made?
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PULSAR Smart Interactive Talk "Strengthening fixed asset management through public sector accounting"

The SIT discussed: (i) good practices rooted in the good international country experience and relevant standards, such as the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS); (ii) key issues and challenges related to fixed asset management through the lens of public sector accounting; (iii) the way private sector/investors may use information prepared by Governments for their decision making process (e.g. investments in infrastructure), and how quality of this information might affect these decisions.