Participants involved in the activities delivered under the STAREP Accounting and Auditing Education are working together to modernize the education and development of accountants and auditors in the countries of the EU's Eastern Partnership. Involving accounting educators from both the university sector and professional accountancy organizations (PAOs), the project seeks to identify common approaches and shared solutions to challenges in accounting education.

Developing internationally compatible accounting education at both the university and professional development level is an underlying requirement for building the necessary capacity to an improvement in the quality of corporate financial information.

Workshops and activities bring together groups of practitioners from participating countries to share knowledge, experiences and ideas in strengthening accounting education. The agenda of meetings encompass the different levels of professional education, including topics such as:

  • Reviewing the international benchmarks, standards, regulations, and trends which have an impact on the pathways to the accounting and audit profession;
  • Considering how different countries have structured their education and certification programs to comply with these requirements, and identifying international best practices;
  • Evaluating the current strengths and weaknesses of accounting and auditing professional education and certification models in each STAREP country;
  • Identifying synergies and gaps in accounting and auditing education between the university and professional levels;
  • Outlining a long‐term vision for each country;
  • Prioritizing key initiatives and determining the next steps to be undertaken in the short‐term.

The activities are delivered at regional level with dedicated in-country support where required.