Supporting the development of accountants & finance professionals in its beneficiary countries is one of the main objectives of PULSAR Education Community of Practice (EduCop). Between October 2019 and early 2020, an IPSAS Training of Trainers (ToT) Program for the core group of trainers from PULSAR participating countries was completed and formed the basis for further scaling up IPSAS training in beneficiary countries. During the SIT, the discussion was focused on the materials which were obtained during the IPSAS ToT and good examples of Public Sector Accounting Education Programs and materials available on-the-ground and on-line.

An overview of the ACCA IPSAS Certification curriculum (CertIPSAS) and an example of the Course on Accounting in Public Sector being delivered in the Kyiv National University of Economics named after Vadym Hetman (Ukraine) were presented during this event.

This session was followed by a presentation of the European Public Sector Accounting online course, developed within DiEPSAm Project by the University of Rostock. The course and examination is available online and is free of charge. The third part of the event featured a presentation of an on-line learning tool “IPSAS in the Box” which was developed by PwC and can be an interesting option for our beneficiary countries.

The key objectives of this SIT were: (i) to learn from Program partners on the products and resources available online and relating to accounting education in public sector; (ii) review of examples of curricula implemented by international education service providers and EduCoP members in selected universities; (ii) exchange views on presented products and online resources among the event participants.
The Workshop was delivered in English with simultaneous interpretation to Albanian, Bosnian/ Croatian/Serbian, Russian, and Spanish and was attended by around 115 participants.

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PULSAR Smart Interactive Talk "Accountancy Education in the Public Sector: Good examples of curricula, online courses and learning tools"